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Idle Processing Utilization Services

This is a discussion on Idle Processing Utilization Services within the Get Paid To forum forums, part of the Making Money Online category; Website is just a mess now - it is placed here like this to get suggestions from our members - ...



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Default Idle Processing Utilization Services

Website is just a mess now - it is placed here like this to get suggestions from our members - watch for actual launch on August 15.

Feel Free to email us with suggestions at

Mission Statement -

Our Mission is simple - To purchase unused computer processing power at a fair price, and to package it and sell it at a profit. All profits to be distributed to our owners, which includes all Division Managers. It is our goal to spread the ownership of Idle Processor Utilization Services to as many who wish to invest and work hard. This is not altruism - this is reward for hard work, planning, and execution.
To maintain a viable, desirable service at an attractive price, while fairly compensating everyone that is involved

Current Statistics
Divisions 267
Regions 4155
Standard 6110
Available Leads 149
Bid Ask
.77 1.00

Earning Methods
Standard Regional Division
Download/Run Processor $.01- $2.00 Daily $.01- $2.00 Daily $.01- $2.00 Daily
Downline - Layer 1 1% 5% 10%
Downline - Layer 2 0% 1% 5%
Downline - Layer 3 0% 0% 1%
Refer A Division Account $1 $10 $50
Buy/Sell Leads no no YES
LLC Income - Ownership no no YES


What is IPU Services? - Idle Processing Utilization Services is a startup company that "rents" computer power from individual computer users. It then packages this processing power / IP addresses to then be "rented" at a profit.

Do I have to pay for "Threads"? - No - As a standard member, you never have to pay for anything - we pay you.

What is the software I am downloading? Is it a virus? - The software you are downloading has two purposes. For one, it advises you of your current statistics, usage, income, and processing power / payment rate. Second, it is a type of VPS (Virtual Private Server). It is no more obtrusive than a browser, and there is NO connection to any of your personal data or other software. It is completely encapsulated.

Will using this degrade the performance of my computer? - ABSOLUTELY NOT. As the name implies, the software is only active when the computer is otherwise idle. When you are using your computer, the Process takes a back seat and waits for idle time.

I have a (Insert your 20 year old computer name here), can I use that? - Yes you can. However, you earn according to your computing power - Computer power is a calculation using factors such as processor type, RAM, GPU (if any), connection speed, and % of time online.

But XYZ Company pays $1 a day for my (Insert your 20 year old computer name here) - They won't for long. There is no process, legal or otherwise, that makes a Windows XP box with 512k ram worth $1 a day. But, deep down, you already knew this.

Can I install this on more than one machine? - Of course - you can install on as many different machines as you want. DO NOT, however, install multiple instances on one machine (VirtualBox, Sanboxie, etc.) We will know, you will get caught, and your account will be cancelled.

Ah - I figured it out - You BTC / LiteCoin Mine! - Ugh, no. Mining on a CPU network is a waste of electricity. Quite soon, GPUs will be worthless to mine on as well. Mining is not even of the most remote interest to us. We consider it a waste of electricity.

Do you really show your financial statements? - Absolutely yes. We strongly believe our slogan - "Authenticity and Accountability thru Transparancy". You are trusting us, so we share everything with you. There will never be a question on where the money is coming from or where it is going.

How do I get Paid? - You can be paid with PayPal, Payza, EgoPay, AlertPay,GreenDot MoneyPak, Western Union, Check or Money Order. All fees associated with the payment method you choose are borne by you. The Minimum Payout is $50USD

Why such a high minimum payout? - Think about it - with, say, 200,000 participants and a minimum payout of a buck, 90% of our time would be spent coordinating payments to our members. It is a poor business model. Plus, a larger minimum payout fosters longer-term commitment to the project.

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